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Inside America Gov

Sadly This is How our Gov. Operates

Another government official selling his office for money.


How our courts are abused by the real criminals

Hosted by Municipal courts have long been a source of abuse within the criminal justice system. In too many jurisdictions the courts are not used for punishment or reform, but rather to generate cash for the municipalities to balance their budgets. The criminal justice  system was never intended to be a money making enterprise. […]

Brian Stack

Brian Stack by the Numbers

On March 29, 1998 the New Jersey Star Ledger did a front page story on Union City Corruption. The article was titled: Union City Cops who pay up get better careers.  Then candidate Brian Stack stated: “politics has played a big role in the police department. There are police officers who go and sell tickets, […]

Lawyers run the country

Good Legal Strategy or Politics and Billable Hours?

  Once again, another New Jersey Police Department is being sued by a former officer. As per the article: “Twice, juries awarded the officer, MaryAnne Cosimano, damages reaching into the six figures. Now, the township is asking a federal judge to either throw out the case or grant the municipality what Cosimano’s attorney in […]