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Our site has been created to keep the American Public informed about what is occurring within “our” government. When we speak about government, we are speaking about those who have been elected, appointed or employed by voters and taxpayers to carry out the people’s work. We cover all three branches of government, executive, legislature and judicial and those who work within each branch. When government employees and officials engage in crimes, corruption, misconduct and abuse, we the people pay the price. The price is borne via legal fees to investigate and prosecute these individuals, the civil settlement agreements which are paid to buy silence, medical cost for both physical and mental health treatment and care, insurance increases, lost labor, training and many other factors that lead to billions of dollars in lost each year. Not only do the actions of elected and appointed officials and employees cost us money, their actions erode public confidence in our democracy and our trust in the government which we expect them to safeguard and protect us.