How our courts are abused by the real criminals

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Municipal courts have long been a source of abuse within the criminal justice system. In too many jurisdictions the courts are not used for punishment or reform, but rather to generate cash for the municipalities to balance their budgets. The criminal justice  system was never intended to be a money making enterprise. However, as a result of politics, unqualified judges, and over zealous police officers, this is what the court system has become. In many states municipal judges and prosecutors are political appointees who carry out the orders of mayors and other elected officials, justice becomes a secondary issue.  The objectives become very simple: take care of our friends, punish our enemies and make as much cash as possible for the municipality. After the Ferguson MO riots, the DOJ released a critical report of the Ferguson CJS (see below). The report identified clear abuses which targeted the community for the purpose of making money. Just recently, a New Jersey Senator recommended a complete overall of the New Jersey Court system. The changes recommended in the article would be a first step in reforming the system. However, as the article states, elected officials ( who benefit from this system) will never vote yes on this bill; they have a vested interest in leaving a corrupt, broken system in place for their own gain.  Read Full Article


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